Heather Fritz

Executive Coach


High Performance Coaching is a process-driven and science backed holistic approach that helps you succeed above and beyond standard norms WHILE maintaining GREAT relationships AND well-being (sleep, nutrition, exercise, energy) over the long-term. Coaching helps you reach your full potential, get clarity, live a healthy, purposeful and fully engaged life.


Washington State University

Bachelor of Science in Psychology

High Performance Institute

Certified High Performance Coach


Certified Nutrition Coach

John Clark


Hear from my clients!

oaching with Heather has been a game changer for me personally. She has helped me develop an internal skill set that I am able access on a daily basis to keep me present and aligned with my core values and faith. Her High Performance Coaching along with my business development coach have helped me navigate some tough choices for my future - personally and professionally. Choices have been made and I have started the first leg of this wonderful journey. Thank you Heather for your investment in me. Much appreciated!
Ike Anunciado
John Clark
I have had the pleasure of leveraging Heather's skill set at it's fullest potential. I approached Heather during a trying time in my professional career to focus on "what matters!" Heather's guidance, understanding and prescriptive approach has truly transformed the way that I work, both professionally and personally! Heather's ability to listen, understand and form an immediate plan to execute on is key! Why? My Results by the #s: - After working with Heather I have achieved a 1.5x in my ability to focus on critical items that have a net potential of $1.5M in my companies annual revenue. FOCUS! - After working with Heather my "presence" at home while focusing on work has increased tremendously. My wife cares, because I care! - After working with Heather, I realize that "I am enough!", what we do and what I do on a daily basis matters! Thank you Heather! You have made such a large impact on who I truly am and who I NEED to be!
Jeremy Knudson
Business Manager Lead


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